Kattumannarkoil is a panchayat town and taluk headquarter in Cuddalore district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Kattumannarkoil Town Panchayat constituted in the year of 1892. The Town is coming under the administrative territory of Cuddalore District. The Town extends over an area of 19.425 km2. The Town is situated along 25 KM South West of Chidambaram and lies on the Chidambaram-Trichy Highway Road and 25 KM East of Srimushnam and a similar distance North East of Gangaikonda Cholapuram. The entire road route from Sethiathoppu to Kattumannarkoil runs alongside the Veeranam Lake. It is Pilgrim Spot in ancient epic and tourist centre. The population of this town is 22426 as per 2001 census. The first Paranthaka Chozha alias Veeranarayanan renewed Sri Mannanarkoil by brick construction. But there is authority to prove that Mannanar Perumal Temple was in existence even before the Chozha king paranthakan. (Uthama Chozhan’s 16th year stone inscription) The stone inscriptions of Krishanadevaraya Convey that the place of this temple is Veeranarayana Cheri which later turned as Veeranarayanapura Chadurvedhi Mangalam. Sadaya Varman Sundara Pandian installed the present deity Sri Veeranarayana Perumal in the 13th century. He renovated the temple fully.


    Kattumannarkoil is the birth place of sriman Nathamunigal and his grandson Sri Yamunachariar (popularly known as Aalavandar), the principal vaishnava Acharyas – Amarar Kalki author of many, historical novels, begins his Ponniyin Selvan’s journey on the banks of Veeranarayanam lake (veeranam).
    The first paranthaka chozha alias Veeranarayanam renewed Sri Mannanar koil by brick construction. But there is evidence to prove that Mannanar Perumal temple was in existence even before the chola king paranthakan. (uthama chozan’s 16th year stone inscription). The inscriptions of Krishnadevaraya convey that the place of this temple is veeranarayana cheri which later turned as veeranarayanapura chadur vedi mangalam. In 13th centuary sadaya varman sundara pandian installed the present moolavar Sri Veeranarayana Perumal and renovated the temple fully.


    Eswara Battar who lived here had a son and a daughter. His son Nathamunigal (Ranganathan) learnt Vedha, Vedhantha, Music and Astrology. After his father, he was fully engaged in devotion and temple kainkaryam in this temple (Mannanarkoil). At that time, some devotees who came to this temple praised the God by Thiruvaimozhi Commencing “Aara Amudhe”. But they knew only ten Paasurams Nathamunigal went in search of rest of the sacred songs to Thiruvarangam, Tirukkaloor and Thiruk kurukoor. In Thirukkurukoor (Alwar thirunagari near Tirunelveli) he sat under a sacred tamarind tree and got all the four thousand stanzas of Nalayira Dhiva Prabantham. Nathamunigal set to musical notes for all the sacred songs and enjoyed singing these in Mannanar Sannidhi (Kattumannarkoil).


    As here only before the Mannanar Sannidhi, Opportunity arose to bring out the hidden sacred songs of Alwars, this place was named as Kattumannar koil (Kattum+mannanar+koil). That is the temple of Mannanar that showed the hidden treasures of Nalayiram.


    History reveals that sriman Nathamunigal lived here at Kattumannar koil between 823 AD and 978 AD. According to Periya Thirumudi Adaivu, the birth place of Sriman Nathamunigal is Veeranarayanapuram (Kattumannarkoil) in Chozha Desam. His date of birth being the seventh day of Aani in Tamil year Sobha krutu. The day of birth, a Wednesday and birth star Anuradha. His grandson Aalavandar was born on a full moon Friday, occurring in the month of Aadi during the Tamil year Daathu. His birth star Uthiradam. The famous Vaishnava Acharya Sri Ramanujar of Sriperumbudar was the disciple of Sri Aalavandar of Kattumannar koil.

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